Here is the guide of »how to get your custom logo on OLLO headphones«.

  1. Download the template here.
  2. Since we need a vector file, open the .pdf with vector graphics editor (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or others).
  3. Be aware that the print is possible in white color only.
  4. Hide layers of "YOUR LOGO" text.
  5. Draw or place your logo on the black space. Keep in mind that little white dots are the holes on the plate, so use them as the margin. Your logo placement should not exceed them.Custom_logo
  6. Once your logo is placed, make sure all the elements (including text) are vectorized (curves). Please double check it. Your file is vectorized if border lines of elements you've placed are always smooth, no matter how much you zoom in.
  7. Publish/export the file into .pdf format and send it to our lab.

Hope this helps!

OLLO Audio