When I was designing my first headphones over here, I knew there will always be a part of the frequency spectrum that will never be covered just by having headphones on your ears. And that's the haptic experience, the tactile, a kinetic experience that you get when you're in a disco or when you play the music really loud. It's time for a new Play2Me system and this time, we're going to ask you guys, for ideas and feedback.

When I was mixing an album for my band, I had already kids, you know, ... I had twins at that time and with twins being at home, it was almost impossible to be here in the studio, mixing the record with the gear that I was used to. And that's how the exploration continued all the way to mounting a tactile transducer directly to a chair and experiencing the tactile sound for the first time. And then eventually evolve it further down the road, all the way to a Play2Me system as you know it.

Mounting the transducer on the chair

The design of every cool audio product must be based on your feedback, on your ideas, on your needs. So, we're asking you to share your ideas, to share your feedback with the previous model and what the new model of Play2Me should look like. Should it be a desktop unit? Should it be a rack unit? How do you want to connect it? How heavy should it be? How big should it be? As you've heard Sean saying before, he's a big guy and he'd like to have a bigger pillow. What about the comfort side? That's really the core of what we do here at OLLO Audio.

We try to share what we do, the development process, our thoughts, and ideas with you, so you can comment on them and together we can make a better product. So, I'm inviting you to share your ideas on this webpage. You can leave your links, whatever you want, and join the journey of developing the Play2Me system.

We're going to update you as we go with all the development things, all the geeky stuff as well. So, come and join us in this quest of designing the perfect Play2Me system, that will really help you work on your new masters and mixes from home, from anywhere you want, without being in a studio. Again, it's designed for you, so more you give us, the better the product experience will be.

Join us!