Charge Recordings


Using S4 mixing headphones

"The sound quality of the S4 are truly amazing and they have an incredible low end bass response. My mixdowns have certainly gone up a level since using these so thank you Ollo!"

A regular at the historic Bar Rumba nights in central London, ATOM UK was well aware of veteran Mampi Swift, witnessing his incredible sets week after week. It was at that very moment, he became fully aware that over the next twenty years, it would become an inherent part of his identity. Fast forward 15 years and by chance, ATOM UK’s mastering engineer sent his music onto Swift, emphasising his talent and his ambition to find a home for his work. It wasn’t just the engineer who recognised the producer’s flair and shortly after was signed exclusively to the imprint. A DJ who plays across the entire DNB spectrum he has since featured on Kiss FM, performed in Ibiza, Germany and across the UK. He also hosts a brand new show on Flex FM with his partner in crime Coda. With tracks on the Victory Rose LP plus a brand new release Tearout / How We Do It Out Now.