Film and sound artist, composer


Using S4 mixing headphones

"OLLO headphones are most natual and brutally clear heaphones that I tried to this day. I use them for mastering of my stereo and binaural sessions, and also for editing film production sound editing."

I create experimental music for more than 25 years, in all forms and genres. For the past 5 years my focus is guitar looping in 2-9CH and in binarual. Recently I opened a guitar hiking radio called Improman Radio, where I share latest recordings to alternative music lovers who are into running, hiking, cycling and dancing. They can support my radio as a crowdfunding project, which has several other 'mini' projects that I want to complete in next few years. One is mobile app, second is documentary film, third is online training about improvisation, and fourth is stock music library.I'm also a big headphone nerd as 90% of my projects are opmtimized for headphone experience.