Vocal producer


Using S4 mixing headphones

To tell you the truth I was unaware of OLLO audio and its products. All that till my long time friend and best man Ilias Gogakis introduced me to OLLO products and since then I got totally hooked with OLLO's sound! Right after I spoke with Rok and got myself the new S4 Headphones. It's really what I needed for mixing and mastering my own songs, since I don't have the luxury of owing a pair of monitors."

Not having a pair of monitors was always a drag to me, since I was not able to listen properly, I couldn't pull out any kind of mix, leveling, EQing or even compressing, I always ended up with harshness, over-compressing and unbalanced mixes. With my S4 headphones after almost 3 months of use, it's safe now to say that I can work now properly behind the board, getting this crystal clear sound I always dreamed of, allowing me to listen to every single detail and get the best out of my mix. Looking forward to upgrade to S4X hopefully, some day soon!