Using S4X reference headphones

As a singer-songwriter and musician producing and recording on a daily basis it is imperative that I use the best tools available to bring my projects to life. OLLO Audio’s S4X reference headphones have become an essential tool to my recording and creative process. The S4X’s give an honest translation of what I’ve recorded and a high quality reference to my studio monitors. They have a tight bottom end and a super balanced high end which makes long hours of mixing very comfortable. Easily the best studio headphones I've ever used and definitely one of the best looking and sounding headphones on the market.

Moses Christopher is a singer-songwriter, musician, and producer currently based in Paris, France. Moses has been performing as a full-time singer and guitarist for over 10 years throughout Europe and in the USA. In 2015 he received the Best New Talent award by the International Portuguese Music Awards for his single entitled ”Worst Enemy”. In 2017 his song “We Are All Refugees” was nominated by the IPMA’s for Song Of The Year. Moses Christopher is also active in the music industry as a songwriter and producer for other artists within a wide array of different musical styles.