audio engineer | one half of drum and bass duo State of Mind


Using S4 mixing headphones

"We own so many pairs of different headphones, the S4 is right at home in our studio collection. They are definitely among the most flat of them in terms of frequency response."

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, State of Mind are the duo of Stu Maxwell and Patrick Hawkins. Formed in 2004, they have gone on to release 5 studio albums, 1 live album and literally dozens of singles and EP’s. Their 2014 LP ‘Eat the Rich’ won the 'Drum & Bass Awards' album of the year, while their follow up album 'Land of the Blind' was also a finalist for the same award. The list of labels worked with reads like a who’s who of drum and bass. It includes Blackout, Eatbrain, BSE Recordings, Universal Records, Uprising, Shogun, Project 51, Viper, Subtitles, Eatbrain, FATE, Citrus, Bad Company, 31 Records, CIA and more. State of Mind are now signed exclusively to Black Sun Empire's flagship 'Blackout' label.


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