ARTONE | Photo credit: Boyscout Magazine / MEM Studio
Bulgarian Music Producer and DJ


Using S4X reference headphones

"The headphones are simply amazing! For years I've struggled to find the right headphones for mixing and mastering and I deeply believe that Ollo Audio has provided us with the perfect tool for that. The well-crafted headphones have an amazing design. They are ergonomic and fit tight, without any pressure on the ears, giving them space to "breath" so one can feel the depth of the sound and the full spectrum of the stereo image. Working with these headphones is pure pleasure!"

Artone is a Bulgarian music producer and DJ, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He's is known for his laid back and jazzy but at the same time deep and soulful style. True to himself and his sound, Artone prefers to create music from the depths of the soul, rather than following any music trends. Artone is all about music and the freedom of creativity.