Mastering engineer | Globe Audio Mastering


Using S4X reference headphones

"As a Mastering Engineer, working every day in my studio on different kinds of music, I'm always looking after the best monitoring solutions to improve my mastering work... I'm so happy with the OLLO S4X, these headphones really translate the truth of the music without concession, I feel them very transparent and comfortable too. They perfectly match with the different speakers in our Mastering Room."

Musician, after becoming a graduate as Sound Engineer (Novocom - Paris) I worked in different Mastering Studios in Paris. In 1999 I co-founded Globe Audio Mastering in Bordeaux (South of France) with Bertrand Reboulleau as Technical Director. I'm the Senior Mastering Engineer of the Studio. We have 2 Mastering Studios: 5.1 & Stereo. We do Audio Mastering for: CD / VINYL / DVD / APPLE DIGITAL MASTERS / Original Sound Track. Since 1999 I've Mastered thousand project with many Gold & Platinum Records: IBRAHIM MAALOUF / YOUSSOU'N'DOUR / SHANNON WRIGHT / THE BLAZE / NOIR DESIR / SCH / ODEZENNE / MICHEL LEGRAND / MYLENE FARMER / MICHEL JONASZ / JEAN LOUIS MURAT / BB BRUNES / COCOON / THE RED TURTLE (ost)...



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