Using S4X reference headphones

"I need headphones that are as flat as possible, with a clear and very well defined sound, in order to work as easily as possible on the sound equalization of each musical composition. I'm also looking for headphones that reveal the difference in each mix in order to improve my experience as a sound technician. The third reason I bought these headphones is that as a music lover, I seek optimum listening pleasure. So I invested in the S4X Reference for these three reasons. I absolutely do not regret this choice because in addition to being excellent it is very beautiful."

Music is a powerful vector of emotions, my goal is to create for you music or a jingle that will bring a more powerful dimension to your project. Tailored Music Creation was born from the desire to bring together the best of my professional, musical, and human experiences, with the aim of a hand-sewn product in total adequacy with your expectations. I'm also a bassist in Dolya, a rock, post-rock, and synthwave music composition group. In my two jobs, I mix computer music, instruments and pedals (analog and digital effects) both vintage and modern physics. Here are my first two musical productions. Link 1 &  Link 2

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