Pianist, composer, producer, label creator owner and A&R called "Whales Records", teacher


Using S4X reference headphones

The SX4 is really lightweight and don't press the ears, so you can have it one hour without any problem. Secondly, the pan is incredible and the definition really really good which is more than appreciated when you mix with speakers and headphones."

I released 4 full piano solo albums. Create and release album from other artists. Produce, compose, mix and collab with different artists in really different styles like Steve Aoki (EDM), Robot Koch (IDM/Electro/Orchestral), Ed Tullett (I co created the band LISSOM which Billie Eilish was listening during touring peaceful moments), and more. I did some remixes too and was places in different TV Shows like Ray Donovan, How To Get Away With Murder, The Blacklist etc... I'm now studying more the mixing since I bought some beautiful hardware pieces.



Bandcamp | Julien Marchal

Bandcamp | Whales records

Photo credit: Alexander Yakovlev