Using S4X reference headphones

"For many years I’ve been looking for the perfect cans which could translate fluently the experience of real monitors and deliver a “universal” sound which can be delivered on nearly every loudspeaker. I have tried and own many headphones from Sony, Beyer, Bose, Koss, Shure, Audeze, but since I discovered the Ollo S4X they became my favorite. The balance between all frequency spectrums is fantastic. OLLO has found the secret of how to achieve the ultimate neutrality which makes switching from monitors to cans so easy. No more problems with poor acoustic studios. No more artificial software crutch. On top of that, their small size & light weight is very convenient on the move & during long sessions. Big love for Ollo!"

Nguyên Lê, born in Paris to Vietnamese parents, embodies the word "multi-talented". After diplomas in Philosophy & Visual Arts, Lê has developed on guitar, bass, composition, arrangement, mixing & producing a distinctive sound that draws upon rock, funk, and jazz as well as traditional African, Indian, and Vietnamese styles. He has worked with Michel Portal, Ornette Coleman, Ray Charles, Peter Erskine, Vince Mendoza, Herbie Hancock, H. Chaurasia, Youn Sun Nah, Dhafer Youssef… Since 1989 he has produced 19 albums of his own. " Purple " (2002), about Jimi Hendrix, sold 26 000 copies. He received several awards: " Django d'Or ", " Chevalier des Arts & des Lettres ", " Best Musician of the Year ", "Man of the Year".