recording and mixing engineer


Using S4 mixing headphones

"I have been very pleased with the S4 mixing headphones from Ollo: the stereo field is very nice, the depth, the details, and separation between instruments are impressive, the frequency response is very well balanced and the dynamic precision is surprising for a headphone set. They provide me with a way of working outside of the studio when needed with good results and have been helpful to check my mixes and see how they translate on different mediums. I am looking forward to try the new S4X headphones!"

Pablo is a French recording and mixing engineer. After assisting and engineering for a couple of years in various different recording studios in Paris (Marcadet Studios, Direct Tone Studios), he joined Chung King Studios in New York City in 2012 where he had the opportunity to work on numerous sessions with established US artists (Prince Royce, Rick Ross, Estelle, DJ Premier, or Rae Sremmurd).

Following the closing of Chung King Studios in 2014, Pablo has been hired by famous producer Jerry Wonda at Platinum Sound Studios in NYC, engineering and assisting for artists such as Rihanna, Timbaland, Travis Scott, Diddy etc … He then returned to France where he freelanced in recording studios (Twin Studios, Sun Studios or Grandeville Studios) before joining the Wisseloord Studios team in the Netherlands in 2018. He recently came back to Paris, where he is currently based.