Sound engineer, Mastering engineer


Using S4X reference headphones

I've tested more than twenty different brands from all different price ranges and the S4x is the one that allows me to make and produce music without asking myself questions. The sound is clear and defined, for me it has almost flat spectrum. There are a few small improvements that could be made, to make it perfect and I know that the Ollo team is very attentive to their community and have an eye for detail they also offers upgrades, which makes the investment worthwhile on so many levels."

Sound engineer since 2008, I studied at the international Music Academy (Nancy - France). After a freelance period I took over the historical recording studio of my city in 2011 ( - Besançon - France) We record, mix and my speciality is mastering. Since the beginning of my career, I have also been involved in live performance: system design and calibration, F.O.H and monitor mixing, HF supervision, and audio networks management. I love mixing the two worlds...