music producer, mixing and mastering engineer


Using S4X reference headphones

"Ollo’s HPS S4X mixing headphones are incredible. Their linear frequency response allows me to hear every detail in a mix. They even fill that low-end gap I’ve known from other open-back headphones. So it's way easier to mix bass and kicks. Their neutral sound is supplemented by their equally natural design. Ollo didn't use any plastic. The ear cups are made of walnut wood and even the headband is made of real leather. The S4X has really enhanced my studio gear and improved my mixing workflow."

Alexander Luebbe is a music producer, mixing engineer from Hamburg, Germany.

Since 2015 Alexander Luebbe is working as a freelancer in audio production. He is mainly working with indie, rock, and pop artists and has worked with Easy Shapes, OXA, NORDN and Ripe & Ruin.

Alexander on how evolving music technology affects musicality and music industry: