producer, DJ, "Play it loud!" radio show


"I mixed and mastered new tracks in my studio for major labels with the OLLO HPS S4 reference headphones and I am really convinced of the sound and quality. Having one of the most comfortable ear pads, the headphone is very lightweight and collapsible for portability. It’s fully around the ear, so better for recording and sound isolation. The ear pad can turn 360 degrees, also the cables to the headphone are detachable. The wooden and leather design is outstanding. The OLLO headphone gave me a very clean signal, bass is pretty precise and there’s no reports of hissing in the highs. A very analytic and refined sound that’s rather wide in range in terms of frequencies. Especially mixing vocals made a lot of fun with that headphones. A really great option for music producers without any possibilities for a big speaker system at home or monitor room in the studio."

BK Duke started his career by mixing vinyl at school-parties and smaller events. At the age of 18, he became resident-DJ at the hottest club in town, Club California in Munich, Germany. Funk and Soul were his passion at that time and in the eighties, his style changed significantly to House. In 1997, after many years of experience in the house-scene and many shows on big events throughout Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, he opened his own house club in Nuremberg, Germany.