music producer, tutor for electronic music, musician and DJ


Using S4X reference & S4R recording headphones

"In the last few years I had to move my studio again and again. Often during a production. So I find myself dealing with reference headphones. A colleague of an English music school brought me to the website of Ollo Audio. I already had a HD600, but needed a second reference headphone. I ordered the S4 and was surprised. Not only did it have a very solid good design, but I was very happy with the results. To use the S4 when travelling, I converted it to the S4R and ordered the S4X, which is one more dimension better. Today I am proud to have these two first class headphones in my collection. The design alone stands for itself."

Mike Vamp works as a music producer, tutor for electronic music, musician, and DJ. He moved to West-Berlin in the early '80s and became part of the musical subculture. In the mid-nineties, he starts "Maertini Broes“, followed by worldwide tours, albums & remixes for famous artists. 2012 Mike Vamp started his third solo album with David Harrow (Anne Clark, Dub Syndicate, Oicho). The album "Diamonds&Dust" was released in 2020. A mixture of David Harrow's electronic bag of tricks and Mike Vamp's guitar strokes. Besides in 2019 Maertini Broes, was back on the dancefloor on Pokerflat Recordings with remixes by Butch, Mathias Kaden, and Michael Mayer.



Maertini Broes

Vamp & Harrow

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