Using S4X reference headphones

"The S4X are the perfect companion for my daily work. Their linear sound gives me the analytical feedback that I need in my rehearsal studio where I record and at my apartment where I mix. I love the effort that Ollo puts in every detail: which other company gives you the possibility to replace every spare part and also to upgrade from an older version to the latest?!"

Thomas is a drummer and percussionist based in Cologne, Germany. He attended the prestigious HfMT Cologne where he earned a degree in Jazz Drums and Percussion.

Known for his versatility, he tends to instantaneously pull from his various musical experiences and heroes in the jazz, hip hop, soul, Latin, and world music idioms to create his own singular approach to playing the drums in lieu of locking himself into one specific school of playing. He is an active recording and live artist and appears on numerous projects.