recording artist, producer, songwriter


Using S4R recording headphones

"Best headphone monitors I've ever encountered. Ever. When you can do an entire mix using only headphone monitors and still create a solid finished product, then you know that they must be doing something right. Nothing more to be said than that. A very satisfied user and a wonderful product to have around in studio or when mixing on the road!"

Markus Mann is Trinidadian-born, American-raised, European based Producer, Recording Artist and Actor. His international career in music spans nearly 20 years and has put him to work with artists such as The Wailers, Jain, Patrice, Orelsan, Pete Doherty, Sven Hammond, Fat Freddy's Drop, Selah Sue, Nada Surf and Keziah Jones, to name a few. Currently the artist works under his own label Markus Mann Music, a sub label of BMG Benelux, writing and producing tracks for himself and various other projects in both music and film.