Aubrey Whitfield
Little Mix, Kelly Clarkson, X-Factor


On using S4X reference headphones

"The S4X is by far the single best pair of headphones I have ever heard! For someone like me who produces and mixes most of the time on headphones, they need to be comfortable for long sessions and offer an uncoloured and flat sound. The S4X is brilliant for getting a natural and accurate perception of a mix without any needless colouration. Not only that but it's so comfy to wear and it just looks gorgeous. The S4X is now one of the most important pieces of gear in my studio."

On using S4 mixing headphones

"When I used the Ollo headphones for the first time I was literally astounded by the quality of the sound! The sound is detailed, clear and smooth without colouring the mix. This means I get an accurate idea of how my mix sounds which is crucial for a record producer. They also look really slick with the wooden ear-cups and leather exterior. I compared the Ollo headphones to the 'industry standard' Beyerdynamic DT100 headphones and there was no contest for me. The Ollo headphones are now my go-to for tracking, producing and mixing"