award winning sound designer, re-recording mixer, music composer


Using S4X reference headphones

"I have to say that Ollo studio headphones let me act really as a surgeon because to me working with headphones is like to work with a kind of microscope on the audio. I admit that I usually use headphones at the very beginning of the audio post-production process, especially when dealing with dialogs. These headphones particularly let me judge exactly what the material is, so I can be very precise when dealing with cuts pops and room tone so to make the dialog stem very smooth through all the feature film and let him literally live by itself. Also, I have to say that they reproduce very well the energy of all the spectrum frequencies and another point of interest to me is that when I put them away to work with a full range system in the movie theater, I have no big surprises about what I listen to; I think this is very important because in this way I can go back and forth from monitor to headphones and always be sure to listen the same. They fit perfectly over your head, the material is first class, and I can use them for a long time without suffering from any kind of headache."

I'm an Italian re-recording mixer, sound designer, and composer who graduated from the S.Cecilia Conservatory of Rome. Partner of AITS (Associazione Italiana Tecnici del Suono) and Pro Tools Certified Expert.