Record producer, audio engineer and songwriter


Using S4X reference headphones

"The Ollo S4x headphones are an experience. From the moment I put them on I gently packed my previous (close-backed) headphones up and will only be pulling them out for recording from now on. I had been researching flat mixing headphones for a few months, and was reminded of Ollo's company after it popped up numerous times online via YouTube reviews as well as having them recommended by a few respected mix and master engineers across the globe. I spoke back and forth with Rok a few times for more information and both the service and shipping time were excellent. I love how each component is easily replaced and that the headset itself has an individually measured GRAS frequency response. Using REW software and the included measurement file, I was able to make an impulse response of my specific pair and create a correctional EQ curve. With just a small percentage of it I have now been able to achieve much more translatable mixes, in less time. I can't wait for my ears to unlearn my old, coloured pair and embrace this flatter, mature headphone. As for the sound, it has a healthy low end but not overpowering. The midrange is astoundingly flat. There are a couple notches in the high mids, near the 2k and 7k ranges, which I have corrected with EQ but only slightly, as those areas tend to resonate due to the structure of the human ear. The imaging is wide open, with a three-dimensional "reach out and touch" placement of effects and instrumentation, especially in the mids. The low end reaches so far that I found rumble in one of my tracks that I previously thought was completely clean. All in all, they are my favourite headphone so far."

Tokyo Speirs is a Canadian record producer, audio engineer and songwriter hailing from Aylmer Quebec, currently living in Hamilton, Ontario.

He has worked with many charting artists such as Walk Off The Earth, USS, Gabriela Bee, among others. His co-production and mix engineering on Walk Off The Earth’s "Fire in my Soul" in 2017 and "I'll Be There" in 2020 both achieved Certified Canadian Gold. He has since produced and engineered on all songs on their newest full-length album "HERE WE GO!," which peaked as the #1 selling pop album in America (Nielsen’s Pop Album Chart), #3 on Canada’s Top Albums Chart, and debuted in the Top 5 on Billboard’s Album Sales Chart.

He is currently working on an album for Gabriela Bee of Eh Bee Family two singles of which have been released (Feelin' Alright, Dancing By Myself) to great commercial success.