EDM Producer


Using S4X reference headphones

"I currently own the S4X and gotta say this is one of the best headphones I have ever used. The Build quality is better than most, you can easily replace the parts yourself and the smell of the wood is heavenly. The sound is clean and crisp and not at all hyped like some headphone brands. The fit is brilliant they don't hang and cause any pain from extended mixing session and the open and honest sound from these cans has improved my mixes 10 fold. I would personally recommend these headphones not only for the price point but the sheer quality. The team at OLLO has taken what was learned from the previous headphones and has made a work of art. You will just have to hear it to believe it."

Trained Audio Engineer with a BSc in Applied Audio engineering, Focused on production, Live sound, and Dj'ing. Currently, produce DnB under the name KNOMRAC and Techno under the alias V-MINUS. Been producing for 10+ years and love every minute of it.

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