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Using S4X reference & S4R recording headphones

"I am a heavy headphone user. When I was looking for new headphones I had one problem. I was so used to my previous model, that every new model I tried was a huge change and I couldn't adapt to the new frequency response. The new reference model S4X changed my game completely. I was immediately confident using them and they improved my listening experience. I really like the lower mids response, soft high end, their space and width, and great dynamic response, even on lower volumes. I also like that I can switch from the opened studio reference version to the recording version S4R when I need isolation during location recording. When I am recording dialogue and sound effects on set, headphones are the only monitoring solution. This way I can make critical microphone placement decisions with confidence. The fact that all the headphones are 32Ohms is also a bonus for me. When I travel I just need my laptop and headphones with me and I can work without additional interfaces in a minimalistic setup.OLLO headphones are not only great sounding but also great looking headphones made from high-quality materials where every part is replaceable - great job OLLO audio!"

Viktor Krivosudsky is an award-winning sound designer from Slovakia. He works on commercials, TV-series, documentaries, and feature films. He is also a teacher on Film and Television Faculty on Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia.


The European Film Academy