music producer, songwriter, sound engineer and videographer


Using S4X reference headphones

"OLLO Audio headphones are a game changer for me: the S4X completely modifies the way I looked at headphones and keep helping me out with every single production I get into today. It's actually the only pair of headphones I've tried that translates exactly what I hear from the near-field studio monitors (and I've been through a lot, from Grado to Sennheiser). Fun fact: I was away from my studio and I had to mix a whole TV show for a client right away. I worked the whole project just with the OLLO on and sent out the mix waiting for revisions. Zero notes came back from the client. Also, the build and the components are much more solid than any other competitor in their price range. You won't find anything like OLLO in terms of value and price point."

Vincenzo Mario Cristi aka "Vinx" is an active music producer, songwriter, sound engineer and videographer based in Rome, Italy. He's also one of the founding member of European pop punk legend "Vanilla Sky" where he fulfils the singer / guitar player role. As an engineer he has worked both in the music industry with platinum artists like Martina Attili, Michele Bravi, Enrico Ruggeri, Marco Mengoni, Mark Hoppus (to name a few), and the broadcasting industry mixing shows like "Tu SI Que Vales", "JAMS" or "BHeroes" (and a plethora of other shows). In 2017 he also earned a Music Conservatory Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Music with Audiovisual Technologies specialisation (with a score of 110/110 "cum laude").