Music producer


Using S4X reference headphones

"I find that having a neutral sounding pair of headphones is absolutely essential. I travel quite a lot and since I can't carry my rather large reference monitors, I need to rely on headphones for either writing music for theatre plays on the spot or doing field recordings in all sorts of environments. I am often required to send audio material when I am not in the studio or work on my live performances one or two days before they take place. In that regard, I need to know that my mix sounds as good as possible. I need a tool as reliable as my Sound Devices interface or my Kyma system, for example. I feel like the S4X's are perfect for the task. I used to own and use much more expensive headphones that felt uncomfortable but with the Ollo's I am completely satisfied. They are so unflattering regarding how they sound that I don't put them on my head expecting ear tickling pleasure or brain squashing bass. I expect the truth, to hear the audio signal just as it was intended to sound, a transparent interface between the ear and the audio interface and nothing more. The way they reveal detail is really outstanding. I love them and I have never felt the need to upgrade in any way. The only issue I've had is that my daughter loves them as much as I do so we have to share. Or get a new pair."

Sillyconductor is a sound artist living and working in Bucharest. His main focus has always been classical music and its relationship with mathematics, writing music for theatre plays or games, creating sound installations and workshops for hearing impaired kids or employing novel recording techniques for church organs in Transylvania.