Recording studio bundle
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Recording studio bundle

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Running a recording studio is no joke. Demanding artists and their satisfaction are what brings more work down the road.
The S4R closed-back recording headphones are tuned to deliver some extra clarity in the mids with higher resolution for vocals, guitars, strings, etc. The pack contains 8 of them, so when you are recording a band, they can use the exact same monitoring, which will improve their performance immensely.

You will also receive 2 units of S4X open-back flat-sounding headphones for mixing and mastering. Count in 8 pcs of extension cables of 5 meters (16ft) each, 5 pairs of replacement earpads to maintain headphones' accuracy after about 1000 hours of use, 10 replacement cables for moments when life happens, and 2 hard cases with enough room for extension cables and smaller items. We call this the recording studio pack.