Chris McCormack
Mastering engineer | Blacklisted Mastering


Using S4X reference headphones

"I knew within 30 seconds of putting the Ollo's on, I was going to retire my long serving Sennheisers. This is a different breed of sound.. More impactful bass, real depth without overhang, no bloom or nasty resonances, more contrast in the aesthetic of the mix, open, natural highs without hype, excellent stereo depth and soundstaging, you really can mix and hear eq in a meaningful way with the Ollo's, they pull more detail out of the depths, yet they don't tire your ears after many hours, these are brilliant honestly."

Chris runs Blacklisted Mastering, going as strong as ever since 2004 with a ton of loyal and happy clients, was well known in Techno circles 1995-2004 for his uncompromising 12" records that set the standard. Writes Tv/sync music for many large libraries including Universal, Pedigree cuts, Standard music etc.