Mastering engineer


Using S4 mixing headphones

"As a Producer, Mixer, and mastering Engineer I have been solely using OLLO headphones to produce mix and master many releases over the last few months. They are great and really give me a great perspective on my work. I find work I do on OLLO headphones really translate well when listening to finished songs on other speakers and headphones. I've used many other headphones in the past and found monitor speakers were also necessary but not with OLLO headphones. I also found they have really improved my work."

I've worked on many digital charting releases for artists worldwide on my own label GLASSTONE RECORDS and mastering clients through GLASSTONE MASTERING as well as working on productions and mastering for UNIVERSAL RECORDS and KITSUNE. I've worked with bands feat PETER HOOK OF JOY DIVISION AND NEW ORDER, and had productions on E4 SKINS and EA GAMES. I USE AND WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT MY OLLO HEADPHONES.

I'm a producer who due to disability similar to Stephen hawking I use an eye gaze type alternative system to control pro tools and mix and master with using head movements and blinking. Here is a feature on that on which I'm also wearing OLLO headphones.