producer and mixing engineer


Using S4X reference headphones

"I have been looking for a comfortable and reliable pair of reference-grade headphones for a while and it's fair to say OLLO has knocked it out of the park! They are very neutral sounding with tight, accurate bass and a detailed top end whilst retaining clarity in the mids. I was very impressed with OLLO even before they sent out a pair of the S4X's. The S4X's have helped me improve the translation of my mixes and have found their place in my workflow.”

I am a producer and mixing engineer and from Stafford, England. I attended Access college in Birmingham and went on to study Music Technology at Leeds Beckett University, where I began studying all aspects of music but more so speaker design. I work for a wide variety of artists and varying levels of unsigned artists to UK chart-topping stars and everything else in-between. I work mainly in recording & production, sound design, and mixes.