Music producer | DJ


Using S4X reference headphones

"Absolutely incredible sound from the S4X. The flat response curve and detailed sound will be an asset to any producer trying to increase the quality of their mixdowns."

Hkay is a Producer, & DJ from London, UK. As a musician, he is fluent in many styles and genres - however, the framework is always a dark form of Drum and Bass, frequently peppered with Tekno and Crossbreed flavours. From early 2011 onwards, he started earning a name for himself on the free party, squat rave and club scene across the UK - often making noise on the mighty Requiem Soundsystem.

Stylistically, Hkay's production and live shows contain a blend of powerful drops, energetic rhythms, and atmospheric breakdowns. He believes no matter how heavy a song or mix sounds - it should always contain a strong element of melodic content.

Most weekends across the UK & Europe, you're likely to find him rocking a dance floor - be it a club, warehouse, forest, or festival. So far, Hkay has shared the stage with the likes of Ed Rush & Optical, Prolix, Billain, Cause4Concern, Optiv & BTK, Audio, Mob Tactics, Broken Note and State Of Mind to name only a few.

Summer 2017, Hkay was enlisted to manage Axon Records. Currently releasing a range of Dark Drum & Bass with strong musical themes. In the short time since its conception, Axon records have released music by Mean Teeth, The Clamps, Cod3x, and from the label founder himself, NickBee.

April 2019 saw Hkay’s debut on Kill Tomorrow, a collaborative track alongside Traced entitled ‘Sonic Warfare’ which featured in Beatport's top 100 Drum & Bass chart. This was swiftly followed by his first solo release ‘Bad Day / The Storm’, both tracks received major support from key players in the scene.

Moving forward, Hkay is exploring new depths of production using modern techniques and technology, enabling him to push the boundaries of his music further than ever.