mixing and mastering engineer


Using S4 mixing, S4X reference headphones & P2M full play2me studio

"I use the Ollo Play2Me system coupled with the new S4X headphones on every mix and I couldn't be happier. The perfect balance of the frequency spectrum from the S4X combined with the heft and low-end representation of the Play2Me has to be heard to be believed. Every mixing engineer that visits my space is always impressed with what this Ollo integrated system brings to the table. It just feels right to me without getting harsh or overly distracted with unnecessary details. The audio quality and comfort for longer sessions has never been present for me in other headphones, and that's why I'll continue using them to deliver every mix."

With nearly a decade of mixing experience and over twenty-five years as a vocalist, Josh Woods has a developed ear, translating your vision to the music regardless of style. Josh grew up singing and playing music in church with his family and later studied music in college, receiving a B.M. in Music Industry from James Madison University. Diving into a wide range of musical and vocal styles gave Josh the opportunity to refine his recording and mixing techniques. What started out as curiosity has developed into his life-long passion and full-time career. He now works as a mixing and mastering engineer in his recording studio in Los Angeles. Credits include Akon, Becky G, and Lucidious.