CHANGE S4 to S4R in 10 MINUTES FOR LESS THEN 15€ | #003

If you use OLLO Audio headphones, then you've might already ask yourself. Can I buy the S4 headphones model and turn them into S4R when needed? The answer is yes. In this vlog, Rok will guide you through the process. From the very beginning, the design of OLLO headphones was meant to be clean and simple. With this in mind, we've been building professional audio tools that are built to last and can be upgraded.

0:26 – The difference between the S4 & S4R model
1:22 – What you need to order?
2:22 – The steps of changing S4 into S4R model
3:29 – Assembling S4R with the body back cover HPS S4R (pair) kit

You can buy spare parts here: