Music producer, musician, and sound engineer


Using S4X reference headphones

"When I first tried the S4X headphones, I was surprised (and almost concerned) that they didn't have any treble boost. I immediately took off the headphones and understood that what I was hearing was so similar to my mixing monitors that I wasn't going to find those excess high frequencies so annoying in most of the headphones I had previously worked with. Mixing through these headphones is like mixing in your control room, but without the problems that you can find in your control room. Honest frequency response with no excesses or gaps, in a robust, comfortable-fit construction."

I studied music and sound engineering at a very young age to pursue music professionally. Playing live music and recording albums for over 20 years. I'm a member and collaborator of multiple musical projects. Composer of soundtracks and music for advertising. Co-founder of several recording studios in Barcelona (Spain). And I also teach recording and music production courses with Pro Tools.