mixer and mastering engineer | Zafra music


Using S4X reference headphones

"I've mixed with headphones my whole life since I started mixing music. I had cheap hyped Sony headphones that I knew very well and when I got the S4X they blew my mind. Bass is super smooth, zero distortion! Highs are very pleasant. Mids are pronounced in a very good way. They are very flat and also transients are on point. I can notice stuff that I couldn't notice before and spatial imaging and depth are sublime. Couldn't be happier! Now I use them all the time because they are also very comfy! Very good job Ollo Audio, can't wait to see your new products!"

Hi, my name is Ruben Zafra and I'm a mixer and mastering engineer owner of Zafra Music based in Castellon, Spain. I started mixing music when I was in my band. I really liked the idea of sound and recording and the first time I entered a studio felt like that was my passion. After some time mixing music I won 2 consecutive times the worldwide mixing contest called Nail The Mix from Unstoppable Recording Machine (URM) and that changed my life until today.