music producer, songwriter and composer


Using S4X reference headphones

"I often work in different studios and really diverse contexts and I have been seeking the right headphones for my job until I found S4X by Ollo: my work habits have changed and now are even better. I think these headphones are a top-product as I can totally rely on them to produce and mix my tracks. The sound is well balanced, clean, and true. These headphones are comfortable (even when I wear glasses) and I can wear them for hours. Furthermore, I love the design and the quality of materials is absolutely good."

I am a music producer, songwriter, and composer with a track record of developing international music projects with many artists according to different styles. During my working experience, I lived in Spain and in Poland. Now I am based in Italy. My passion is experimental electronic music, which I compose and play in live performances within cultural events. I am a synth player, always studying and looking for new sounds which I combine and match with classical and modern instruments.