Music producer, sound engineer, musician


Using S4X reference headphones

"I wasn't used to trust in headphones for mixing, at all. I always find them "unnatural" and I feel uncomfortable in take crucial decision in mixing and believe me, I have tried a lot if not all of them on market, then... I read 'bout OLLO and ask for test one of their models, the S4X. They was really kind and send me one. Now after four months of intensive use I have made myself a good idea about it. No to much words: The S4X is "transparent". The Low end is all there and the high extend clean and silky, they have no one of the typical hype I've always found in other headphones. I started controlling some of my mix done in well balanced control rooms, well the S4X reveal to me all I have done and something more, than I started mixing one project only on OllO and... it translate well on everithing. Now they are my companion in my rooms and on the move. You guys at OLLO have raised the bar. Well done."

I am a relentless researcher of music and sound, instigator of insane ideas and "occasional purveyor of wisdom", strong supporter of independent talent. Perhaps best known for working on Alternative rock and indie projects, I have produced mixed many of the musical genres you can imagine including rock, jazz, R&B, soul, blues, classical. I've worked with some as Hugo Race, John Parish, John Bonnar, Greg Dulli, Twilight Singer, Josè Carreras, Afterhours, Cesare Basile, Diego Mancino, Niggaradio, Marta Collica ecc.

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