Audio engineer


Using S4X reference headphones

"The S4X headphones are very comfortable, and immediately I found them very faithful and flat. I recognize the audio I mixed in headphones even when I listen to it from the speakers. It was what I was looking for. The only flaw is the metallic connection between one pavilion and the other which often resonates at the end of the playback or at some particular frequencies."

I'm an audio engineer based in Milan, Italy. I work with podcasts, live events, interviews, audio for video. I'm a teacher at NAM Milano, a school of modern music and audio engineering. My first job was in radio as a mixer operator and audio producer, later I started working as a freelance. In my career, I have chosen not to specialize too much in one area but to broaden my experience in the countless fields of audio. It is certainly stimulating and obliges me to always stay up to date on a technological level.


photo credits: Studio Messina