The idea behind flat frequency response in audio monitoring is quite simple. When you are designing audio effects, creating music or mixing your tracks, you must have tools that help you achieve results that transfer well across all sound systems.

Your audio/music consumers have all kinds of sound systems. From standard hi-fi stereo, earbuds on the go, smartphones, headphones for gaming or office, surround systems, car audio and so on and on...

If you want to make sure that your music is reproduced the way you wish to you have to create and mix it on a system that is flat in frequency response. The system must have no boosts or cuts in the response graph. Yes, it's not possible to have a 100% flat response, but the technology available can get very close to that. When you mix your work on a flat system, you can trust that it will sound as good as possible (or as planned) on any system.

In case you mix on a "colored" monitoring system. For example Beats headphones that tend to have a bass boost (low-frequency boost), you will mix the kick drum, bass guitars, even vocals in a way to sound great on those headphones. When you transfer the song to another system, let's say in car audio or other less bass-heavy headphones, your song will sound thin, light, with no bottom. That's because the monitoring system added low frequencies. This goes the other way too. So any dip or boost in the frequency response of your monitoring system will make your mixing very difficult and transfer badly across devices. 

OLLO wooden headphones are designed with a flat response in mind from the start. The shape of the earcups is fully rounded which makes all vibrations bounce and cancel in linear style. The speaker was carefully selected and tested to fit the promise of flat response. OLLO headphones for mixing audio are a must-have in the studio, home studio or multimedia design agency.

There's a lot of debate that you can't mix on headphones. Let me be very clear. There is no system on the planet that is perfect for mixing. The fact that 70% OF ALL MUSIC IS LISTENED TO ON HEADPHONES makes it more than logical to mix your songs on HEADPHONES FIRST and than check for a standard stereo setup. 

That's great news for home studio owners, multimedia professionals, and DIY guys. Now you don't have to own a studio in the classic definition: no special room, no special acoustic treatment, no expensive gear. You can do a better job on a laptop with OLLO monitoring system than a million-dollar studio could ten years ago. YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER YOU NEED TO CREATE PROFESSIONAL MIX if you have a laptop with any DAW software and headphones for mixing audio - for example OLLO wooden headphones HPS1 and BSE.