Mastering Engineer


Using S4X reference headphones

"Usually, the first impression will lead us to a certain opinion. And in this case, it was spot on. As soon as I opened the box I was very impressed, but of course, beauty doesn't mean effectiveness, not when it's regarding audio. So I tried and I was blown away when I took it off and started listening to my monitors. I have a well-balanced room and sound system and the S4X is the first headphone and I can master a song and straight away change to listening to my monitors or go back to the headphones without having to use any software correction or having a break to get ears adjusted gain. It's just amazing and it's so comfortable."

Fernando is a Brazilian Mastering Engineer which also happens to be playing drums for more than 20 years. His musical education began at age 8 studying drums with his dad and music theory with his mom, both are musicians and have owned a recording studio for many years.

He has a diploma in Sound Engineering from SAE Institute Madrid, DGC Audio, and a BSc (Hons) First Class Audio Production from Middlesex University London. Also has studied music in Conservatorio Souza Lima, Bituca Universidade Popular de Musica and the Sydney University.

Currently, he is residing in Spain where he runs a Mastering Studio working with various music styles. His main goal is to develop a close relationship with the artists and the mixing engineers to always get the best results no matter what. He is now also working with Dolby Atmos technology.