Using S4 mixing headphones

"Detailed and precise headphones. Great accuracy of the low end. The structure is comfortable and useful for long mixing sessions."

Giulio is a co-founder and member of ATMO MUSIC PRODUCTIONS. ATMO is a duo of composers that create sound using a big range of sonorities and sources, mainly electronic. Two brothers, Simone Donati and Giulio Donati that have always been involved in art in different ways but their passion is driven by the same love for music and for art in general as well as all the possibilities of collaboration between different art forms. ATMO has created scores for various artists, video makers, choreographers and dance companies including Bartek Woszczynski, B’cause Dance Company in Warsaw, Dance Theatre Heidelberg (Germany), Jason Mabana (choreographer), Mir Dance Company (Gelsenkirchen,Germany), Walter Molfese Videomaker, Flavien Esmieu (choreographer), Giuseppe Spota (choreographer and dance company director), P/in The Bucket Collective, Harry Price projects (Videomaker), Swindon Dance (UK) and others, Hart dance company, Zaneta Weronika Majcher (choreographer), Jamie Neale (choreographer) for Nowness and others.