Audio engineer at BoomBridge studios


Using S4 mixing headphones

"When I first got my Ollo's i used them as a reference for what I did in the monitors, cause I was working 95% on them. After I got used to the Ollo's that has changed into me working 95% on my Ollo's instead of on the speakers cause I find them so incredibly honest and good that I don't need the monitors to do all the heavy lifting. I rely totally on my Ollo's a this point cause they're just great.. Another plus to using headphones is that I can travel and mix wherever I want. I would suggest everyone who's thinking of buying new headphones to buy a pair of Ollo's cause they're the most honest and great pair of headphones out there according to me, and I've tried a whole lot of headphones!"

My name is Mats Eriksson and I run a studio in Kopparberg, Sweden called Boombridge Studios.I've worked 10+ years in the music business and has worked 5 years in audio. I got an Audio Production degree from SAE Institute in Stockholm and I have, since I got the degree, worked with labels like Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music, Gain Music Entertainment, Frontiers Records, Avalon/Marquee and Cargo Records to name a few. We bought the studio back in 2017 and I have since then been set up here.