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Crafted with passion
[by Head-Fi users]

"OLLO S4 are measuring much better than my own Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 and Meze 99 Classics and about on the same level with $500 Sennheiser HD660S."


Ollo Audio HPS-S4 WOOD Headphones
[by Steve Milner]

"The S4 design features no proprietary fasteners and no plastic fittings. Each part can be repaired or replaced using standard parts and common tools. I like this approach and the forward thinking. Repair rather than replace is smart design and we need more of that throughout the industry."


New Gear Review: PLAY2ME Mobile Mixing System, S4 & S4R Headphones by OLLO
[by Cécile Desnos]

"The PLAY2ME cushion and preamp have been very useful tools for checking mixes, but have also come to serve as inspiring creative tools. I’ve used the cushion a lot for writing, especially low end synth parts; it’s a nice way to gauge where you are energy-wise in a song."