Freelance audio engineer


Using S4X reference headphones

"The first sensation I had, I must say, is strange, as with all listening you have to get used to it a little. But after some time you understand how comfortable and precise listening is and you can perceive details that until now had escaped you. Now I can't do without it anymore. The only thing I would change is the metal headband that joins the ear cups with another material. This is because if you accidentally hit it with your hand, it vibrates and resonates and is annoying as you hear it amplified in the pavilions. I would not wish this could mistakenly affect the sound of my SX4s being their neutrality feature their strong point."

I was born as a guitarist musician, in the 80s being passionate about electronics, he felt the need to create his own small home recording to record and produce his own music. The following years led me to deepen multi-track recording and recording techniques, both audio and midi, and composed and produced a jingle for the “Rifle” and music for advertising, on radio, and TV.

Starting to attend important recording studios in Tuscany, I met and got to know the then musical technical staff who collaborated with the great producer, composer, the author was Giancarlo Bigazzi, precisely in the years when Florence was the hub of the production of the great Italian pop hits. And it is precisely in these years that thanks to this knowledge I can participate, albeit marginally, in the works of these successes, alongside great arrangers, musicians, and sound engineers. This was basically my school, the practice in the field, obviously flanked by the study of the books and manuals that could be found in those years. Then in 1998, my chance came.

After having collaborated in the realization of the records of the "ORO" (Vivo per lei), the first tour as a live sound engineer. The following years continued alternating between studio sessions and concerts that led me to collaborate with artists such as Marco Masini, Michele Zarrillo, Fiorello, Patty Pravo, Fabrizio Moro, Raf, and many others. Currently, I am always a freelance engineer and I am also dealing with sound designers and sound systems both in the cinema field and in events such as photographic exhibitions, thematic museums, etc.