Recording engineer


Using S4X reference headphones

"Our work is increasingly detached from a specific place. The speed of today's society requires that an engineer must always be ready and available to perform a mix wherever he is. On the train, at home, or in a hotel you must have the tools that allow you to bring the result home. Listening is everything for an engineer. I could not have chosen a better reference. The Ollo S4x represents the state of the art for me. Once you try it, I find it difficult to go back. For whole days I find myself no longer turning on the speakers. Ollo headphones have opened up a world for me. Try them it's worth it."

My name is Antonio Porcelli, I live in the southeast of Italy, in beautiful Puglia. I am an Italian sound engineer. I have worked with many bands, but in Italy, I am known for my work with Caparezza. I have been working with him for about 20 years both live and in the studio (among my recordings there are the multiplatinum album Museica and 709).

I have done shows all over the world, Italy, Europe, and the United States. I am a beta tester of audio processing software and I collaborate with several companies very famous in the world of audio plugins (Overloud, Acoustics Audio, Hornet, Nembrini Audio, etc).

For two years I have been working as an AEB Industrial consultant who owns the RCF group which includes db Technologies, RCF, DPA, EAW, and Montarbo. I am part of a collective of producers and Sound Engineers called "Boombox" which has a studio in the brand new structure "Cittadella Degli Artisti" located in Molfetta. Boombox deals with recording, mixing, mastering, producing, and artist development.