Freelance Sound Engineer and media professional


Using S4R recording headphones

"Working mainly at home where my wife writes in silence at the same time, really requires a decent pair of cans you can rely on. So far everything I've done music-wise has been more or less accurate, no matter if I'm listening the final material from the cans or the speakers. Lightweight and wwwery convenient to use."

I am a long-term Finnish freelance Sound Engineer and media professional with extensive experience from TV - and radio LIVE OB- and studio broadcasts, sound design, music recording & publishing and show business logistics.

At the moment I am mainly working on freelance-based live TV sound, radio and studio re-recording assignments. I'm also taking care of a small Record Label's (Samsara Records) publishing and royalty activities. 276 bands released so far and counting. Producing young Finnish artist Phondo Wälläri too.

My specialities are: live broadcasting for tv- and radio, TV audio post, project management, media business development, music industry. Avid Apple user for more than a two decades. I have a some background in marketing and sales too. Moderator in a self-founded closed discussion group targeted for TV and media professionals. Some 700 members there.

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