Audio engineer | Outback Recordings


Using S4 mixing & S4X reference headphones

"The OLLO HPS S4 headphones have become an invaluable mixing tool for me! Their super fast and transparent transient response, their great stereo image and ability to reproduce the depth of a mix and their super clean low end are truly amazing and kind of surprising in that price range! Especially the low end is incredible. No matter if you use them with calibration software or as they are right out of the box, the low end is practically distortion-free, which is not the case in most headphones and has always been a problem for me. Not anymore. I love them and use them everyday inside and outside the studio!"

My name is Benedikt and my team and I run our studio, Outback Recordings, where we specialize in mixing and mastering rock and heavy music sub-genres, like punk, hardcore or metal. We love turning great songs into exciting, authentic and impactful records. Besides mixing for established bands and labels from all over the world, we’re constantly helping up-and-coming bands reach a bigger audience or get signed to record labels and booking agencies through our work.

Aside from mixing, I'm helping DIY-musicians make better records in their practice room through my website Because I started as a DIY-musician myself and I believe the self-recording artist is the future of the music industry.

There are already lots of success stories from DIY-bands that I've coached through the recording process. And there could be even more if only people knew the stuff that I've learned the hard way over the years. I want to save those people all the headache and make their next release a success story, too!