recording engineer, producer, and mixer


Using S4 mixing & S4X reference headphones

"Having started with the S4 soon after they were released, I was so impressed with the level of quality of the headphones, as well as the translation that they offered when monitoring. When the S4X was released, I was even more impressed with the frequency response that I heard while using them. I have used both models on just about every project that I have worked on since becoming an endorser."

Caleb Betczynski is a recording engineer, producer, and mixer soon to be based in Nashville, Tennessee. Caleb is no stranger to different genres of music. He has worked with artists ranging form pop to death metal and everything in between. Caleb's productions and mixes have been featured on Spotify, Apple Music, and across all streaming platforms. When Caleb isn't working, he can usually be found playing guitar at his church during Sunday services.