Colin Bennun
Musician/producer/programmer, Freelance mastering/mix engineer


Using S4 mixing headphones

"My Ollo S4 mixing headphones are the first cans I have ever used which give me the same feeling of confidence I get with my studio monitors in my acoustically-treated studio. I would recommend them to anyone needing a critically-accurate monitoring system, or who works on the move - or who just wants to enjoy music in a quality they might not have experienced before. I frequently forget I'm wearing them, they are so comfortable."

Colin is a lifelong musician and has been a dance music producer since 1987. His international career began as an early pioneer of the Goa/Psytrance genre in 1993, and as part of OOOD he has performed at peak time in clubs and on festival main stages worldwide for over 25 years. Since his first commercial mastering work in 2005 he has become a highly-regarded multi-genre freelance mastering/mix engineer at Stooodio Mastering, and has been a moderator and frequent contributor to many online music production forums for almost two decades.

Stooodio Mastering