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Using S4 mixing headphones

"I have owned the Ollo Audio HPS S4 Studio headphones for several months now I am incredibly impressed with the sound and the build quality. The company has obviously put a great deal of thought and care into making these headphones. I was compelled to get a pair of headphones tailored for mixing on the road, and I think I have found a wonderful selection in the Ollo Audio HPS S4."

David Marston is a producer, DJ, musician, and guitarist hailing from the vibrant Caribbean island of Jamaica. His approach to music is multifaceted: in his own productions, David works to achieve a sound that is a fusion of various genres, including, but not limited to: house, soul, disco, jazz, as well as reggae and dub. As a performer, he has impressed crowds and party-goers with his captivating live-set that incorporates live guitar and on the fly sound manipulation. He is also a skilled DJ and enjoys playing an eclectic array of songs in his sets. David is continuing to evolve as an artist and strives to expand his already impressive music catalog with songs that are imaginative, soulful, and that move people both literally and figuratively.